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If I had known, that one week was all that I had left, maybe I would have paid more attention. If I had known, maybe I would have taken more time to care. My sister showing up at my door? Not an unusual day. A stranger sleeping on my couch, that I didn’t leave there the night before?

Now that is an unusual day.

And unfortunately it was that day, that changed me, my family, and my entire world.

Because that stranger is different. My sister? She’s different too.

And me? Well I’m supposed to be dead.

This is a novel that focuses on a sister with a passion for partying, a distraught brother gone missing to the West coast, a mother, strict and unyielding and increasingly absent, and a homebody twin left behind to pick up the pieces – these are the Byrnes and their twisted family dynamic. Mix in a supernatural thrill ride, a breakneck road trip across the USA in a race against time to find a missing sibling, and a mysterious stranger who can barely contain the bloodthirsty creature he didn’t intend to be – and you have an adventure like no other.

Welcome to the blog dedicated to the new novel,

The Spark That Left Us

I will be providing as many updates through this blog as I can – so you can follow along with the life and birth process of a first time novel.

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The Spark That Left Us


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  1. Rory

    sounds amazing. can’t wait to get a taste.

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