Behind the Scenes – capturing a cover

It was cold. So very, very cold. It was snowing for God’s sakes. But I think it inspired us to work fast, work efficiently, and to keep the process moving. I was pleased with the raw results – we’ll see how it turns out in the end 🙂




So very cold – getting the camera set up, making sure the settings are right, freaking out because it started snowing.


My brother (the model) promised he would make this face in every picture – since we’d be taking pictures of his back for most of the photos.



2014-11-09 15.39.26


Burned out ruins of a factory – you can’t see him, but one of the photographers is actually creepily standing in this shot.





2014-11-09 15.40.56

Really liking this shot, these are all from my phone so not the actuals, but I think it blends well with the cover choices.


Goofy face, as promised. Principle photographer was on the other side of the wall.


We came across this car in our last travels, and the ‘model’ fell in love.


No matter where I stood, I was always in the way! But it was great seeing everyone in action.


All in all, a wonderful day!

Can’t wait to go through the raw files and find the perfect photo for the book!

Everything is getting frighteningly closer…

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