First Person Point of View

There’s a pretty real disconnect in the way I feel about writing in the first-person, and in the amount of description that is available to give in a scene.

When there are a lot of “I” statements –  I walked, I talked, I breathed, I cried – are you truly thinking about the description of the environment around “you”?

“The sun rose large and red, vibrant across the horizon, the clouds scuttling by in an endless procession of darks and lights scattering across the barren earth,”

Do you honestly think this to yourself, in the narration of your life?

Practice it – walk down the street, and describe in your head exactly what you are seeing it, as you are seeing it, void of personal pronouns – and try to think how it fits into a first person narrative. Hard right? It’s a fine line to cross – but someone had to do it.

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