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Living in Canada, I understand the urgency of impending winter weather. We all hear the warnings, through radio and television, the red-banded caution that wraps itself around our websites and our cell phones. And most of us heed those stern words. We batten down the hatches, we fill our supplies of salt and ensure that food and water can and will last us for days if by necessity. We know where the flashlights and candles and matches hide in our drawers and our cupboards. And we wait.

Sometimes the storm is exactly as prescribed, and we settle under our blankets comforted in the knowledge that we did what we could, and everything will be just fine.

Or sometimes, as is the case in Laurel Heidtman’s “Whiteout”, we grossly underestimate the power of weather and the lengths that humans will go to endure.

“Whiteout” is wonderfully written, filled with details about the horror of the incoming storm, its effect on the characters, their world, and their motives. Told through a variety of points of view, “Whiteout” explores all possible responses to the wintry weather, and the characters attempt to get through it alive.

Along with the storm, an added element of danger – two escaped convicts (sorry, spoiler alert!) have been released into the blinding snow and freezing cold, and they will stop at nothing to bring about their escape.

Laurel Heidtman does an excellent job at making the reader feel the claustrophobia and panic that the wintry weather brings to our characters. The hopelessness in the face of adversity and against a villain they have no hope to overcome.

I highly suggest giving “Whiteout” a read, if only for the twist of fate that graces the pages once the snow settles and the true faces of our heroes break through.


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  1. Great review, I want to read this. I love snow but too much is a scary thing.

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