And now for a spoiler heavy introduction for those looking for a more in-depth description of this novel and what it may hold…

I’d love to introduce you to the paranormal thriller, The Spark That Left Us.

The Spark That Left Us centers around Adeline, who wakes up one morning to find her impulsive and irresponsible sister raiding her fridge, and once she’s been bundled off on her way, discovers that a strange man is fast asleep on her couch.

This man, Deke, with his eerie silver eyes, erratic behavior, and blood on his sleeves soon pulls her into a violent and unbelievable world where the voices in his head who tell him to kill – may not be just inside his head at all.

Deke was drawn to follow Adeline’s sister Clara to her house, where he soon passed out from exhaustion, having spent weeks wandering the city in the night, mercilessly disposing of those the voices told him to kill. Deke explains his story to Adeline, and together they escape the invisible creatures sent to hunt Deke down to return him to his watchers, known as Tenders. A later meeting with her sister determines that he isn’t the only one trapped in this psychic serial killer world; Adeline’s sister sports her own liquid pewter eyes – and the three set off to find out what exactly ties them all together.

But when Deke discovers that Adeline should be dead – and her twin brother along with her in a terrible accident; a series of events are set in motion, spurring a breakneck trip across the USA, to find Adeline’s missing brother in Half Moon Bay. This unlikely trio race to uncover the dark family secrets that cause Clara and Deke to fight off the murderers they’ve become.

This story covers the entirety of the United States and explores the complexities between siblings in a very short period of time. Written in a reflective style, focusing on relationships born out of family ties and desperation, The Spark That Left Us has so far converted those who have read it to the paranormal genre, who are normally turned off from the standard werewolf or vampire fare.