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#writing tips from beyond

Evidently, whiskey is a better choice for literary lubricant than tequila.

Make good choices, authors.


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Launch went fantastically! #ebook

Thank you, everyone who made the launch a success!

I am proud of the initial sales, I am proud of the growth in fan base.

Without you guys, this would go no where, so thank you, thank you again!

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It’s all done – Release Date –

Sitting here with one button left to push between me and destiny.

So I put it up to you, dear readers:


When do I hit the button?

What date is my release date?

Comments please!



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Just received a lovely phone call from the people down at First Choice Books, to get an update for a quote for the book. Tres exciting!


I am pleased so far with their prompt responses and the kindness they put into it, as I can only imagine, a lot of people are nervous about putting their work into others hands, and it is wonderful that they keep the personal touch!


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Here it is!

So glad to be part of this process.


DSC_1336055 6 x9 B and W KYLE TITLE(1)

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This is why I didn’t go creative

I went to school for advertising. It was awesome.

I was terrible at execution of creative ideas.

Lots of ideas.

Terrible in execution.

This is why I work with numbers.

The following were not to be seen by the public eye, but you know what? I feel like sharing with you, my honest readers.

ad ad6

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2014 – onward and outward

This year has been a rip tide. A roller coaster. Whatever adventure term you want to give it, it has been.

The book was six months old in October when I finished the first draft. That’s the first thing people ask, once they get over their utter disbelief that you, yes you, wrote a book. How long did it take?

Forever, is my answer, as the calendar must be lying.

And are we ever truly done? Maybe. Do I want to sit down and go through (another, oh GOD please no) edit?


Does it need it? Probably. And the probably is the answer of the day.

As soon as you work a probably in there, the opportunities are endless. Seize them, will you?

2015 is the year. I can feel it. 2015 will be the answer, and hopefully, the release of The Sparks That Left Us.




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From writing one of the final chapters of the book, I’ve come upon the realization that the answer “Always” is one of the most important, romantic, loving, desirable answers to questions of the heart. It inspires timelessness, dedication, strength, stability, security.

“Do you love me?”


“Do you need me?”


“How long have you known?”


Regardless of the question, “always” is the perfect answer.




The single word

The single word that means everything

The single word that means enough

The single word that means I will do anything

The single word that means I will go anywhere

The single word that means no matter what

The single word that gives love

Takes love

Accepts you for everything you are

Everything you’ll ever be

The single word


I will always

I am always

I have always

You will always

You are always

You have always

Always be

Always remember

Always take

The single word



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Well, here goes nothing.  Manuscript has been shipped off to another reviewee!

It’s clocking in at 413 pages in its 10th round of edits… so let’s see what he thinks!

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Excerpt from Chapter 8 – Preparations

“Slowly the color came back to my cheeks, the terror in my eyes slowly trickling away. Things weren’t fine. Not really, not at all. But at least I still wasn’t one of them. I flushed at the thought. They weren’t monsters; I needed to stop thinking of them that way. One of them was my baby sister for Pete’s sake, and no matter what she needed me. And Deke well, he needed me too. I heard the front door slam, groceries dropping heavily to the floor. “

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October 22, 2014 · 3:49 pm