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Two Days Gone

Review by K. Brooks


Books featuring authors always amuse me well before I have a chance to read them. Particularly any involving authors in dire circumstances or dangerous plots, as there is always that split second flash of fear through my brain when I think “but what if?”

Two Days Gone opens with a series of brutal murders, a lost suspect, and a bitter cop. What starts as a traditional mystery thriller soon transforms into an elegant and twisted race to the climax. I always appreciate thrillers that constantly keep the reader guessing. Guessing not only the “who dunnit” but constantly and consistently revising the readers’ feelings and expectations of every character, their motives, and the outcome of every scene.

I loved it.

I loved every dark corner of this 400 page novel, I loved how the author took the reader by the hand and led them through DeMarco’s thought process, his crime solving, and every tortured action that he takes to save his author friend, who he believes innocent of the crimes that have been pinned on him.

The writing is elegant, suitable and reflective of a novel about an award winning author. The transitions between the characters and their points of view are inspired, the emotion that is woven in between the words and thoughts of one character versus another stand out vividly. If you were to put the book down and pick up at a random point, you’d know exactly whose view you were reading about by the sheer change in desperation.

This is definitely a book to pick up whether you are a reader or a writer, as it will inspire and it will entertain no matter who you are.

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The endings

I know it’s been a while.

I do apologize.

I am really struggling as a writer with the ending to the sequel to The Spark That Left Us.


Because I can do one of the following, and these are all scenarios I am able to build out and already know how to do:

a) end it on a terrible note, but wrapped tightly in a bow – no getting out, no second chances. You’ll probably cry. Everyone will cry – and the world of Collectors and the Tenders will be closed.

b) end it on a happy note – everyone gets what they want – wrapped tightly in a bow – you’ll probably cry, in a good way – and the world of Collectors and Tenders will be closed.

c) end it on a terrible note, but leave the opportunity for redemption and a rescue mission in a third, unwritten, unplanned book – essentially keeping the world open, closing off as a trilogy.

I can picture all three in my head. I know how to tease out the emotions that I want – but I am so very afraid of making the wrong decision! I am torn between what you as readers will want, and what is easy.

On top of it all, these characters are practically family now, living inside their heads and breathing their air. And I am not sure I can do it again.

The ending of The Spark That Left Us was admittedly heart-wrenching, even to write – and I’ve been yelled at by readers for it in the past.

Can I collapse this world into itself?

Will I have to backtrack the truths of that universe if I decide to delve into a third book anyway?

What say you?


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#warning while #writing

I think this is my new favorite Word error.




Are you ready for this sequel or what?

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So apparently, my brain has decided already that a sequel is in order.

I didn’t ask for it, but it won’t go away.

I’m certainly not ready for a sequel, and I’m certain the reading audience is not ready for a sequel.

But here it is, 2500 words later, and I am flailing against it.

If The Spark That Left Us had been a raging success, maybe I would be all for this.

Because I am not picturing this as ‘trying again’. I’m seeing it as finishing the story.


And is that enough, for the fans?

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Common names #ageofadaline #ebook

So here I was, thinking how wonderful and unique the name Adeline was – and now there’s a movie with a pretty close name.

Oh well.

At least Reggie and Clara can never live down the wonderful Reginald and Ella-Clara their mother insists on calling them.

But it would be better if she called them nothing at all.

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Where do we go from here? #omwf #amwriting

That’s the question that has been running rampant in my brain.

Where do we go from here?

Aside from being the stunning finale to Once More With Feeling, what more can I do to push, promote, and populate the fields that The Spark That Left Us inhabits?

What do the readers want? What do the readers need? Who are the readers?

Do you want more information? Do you want more back story? Is there a character you love? A character you hate – does something irk you?

I feel almost desperate for feedback sometimes, and sometimes I am afraid of it.

Challenge me as an author – I am here for you.



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This week has been an interesting week for progress.

The newly edited (for the 80th millionth time) has been uploaded to Amazon.

The bank information was updated for the account.

The price was set up for the book.

Literally, one mouse click is all that stands between me and releasing my child into the world, telling it to be good, and carefully standing with the door open, watching its back as it leaves me forever.

How do writers do this on the regular?

I feel appropriately terrified. But it’s the acknowledgement of utter failure.

Where do I go from here?

The Spark That Left Us has been such a large portion of my life, and I can’t seem to think of a life without it.

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