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Tale spin #amwriting There’s too many layers

The problem with fiction involving worlds of your own design, people of your own making, and implications outside the realm of possibility – is you can fall down your own rabbit hole.

You start seeing connections to other media.

You start wondering if you are replicating existing worlds.

You start thinking about alternate dimensions, everything you’ve ever read, movies that you’ve watched.

You start to wonder how much of it is your own, and you simply hope for the best.

It’s hard, in a millennia of writings, minds, movies, communications, to disperse the original thoughts among the learned ones.

The other difficulty – is sometimes you start believing it. And when you start believing it, you start seeing it everywhere.


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#writing : you can’t go home again

This has been an interesting chapter in the developing story of Sparks.

Currently titled “You can’t go home again”, it explores a team-up you wouldn’t expect – Deke and Mateo, a shared moment, and what happens when Deke returns to the scene of his original crime. It was quite a long time ago, when Deke woke up, when he realized something had fundamentally changed him, and I wanted to make sure that the audience also were taken back to those initial moments.

It’s a fine line, somewhere between nostalgia and bitterness. It’s a moment of tableau for the home, shuttered up since Aaron’s body was discovered, his homework still on the table and fruit still sitting on the counter, albeit it covered in a thin layer of dust and rotting away.

Someone will come now, it will be cleaned up. Aaron’s notes will be thrown into a garbage bag, maybe his textbooks will be donated. Deke has retrieved the few things he tried making a new life with after the tragedy of his youth – and another door is closed behind him.

I think the choice of Mateo, aside from his obvious law-enforcement tie, is a soothing one. Rick is frenetic, Connor is anxious. He’d never want Addy to see this place. That was the before him, the unrecognizable him.

He had confessed on that mountain that the old him was gone, and he was better for it.

So Mateo. Soothing. Respectful.

I felt this piece could be added as a respite to the trauma that Sparks is going to instill, the havoc that it’s pulling between our players.

And I’m okay with this.

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#amwriting #writing #what

So apparently, my brain has decided already that a sequel is in order.

I didn’t ask for it, but it won’t go away.

I’m certainly not ready for a sequel, and I’m certain the reading audience is not ready for a sequel.

But here it is, 2500 words later, and I am flailing against it.

If The Spark That Left Us had been a raging success, maybe I would be all for this.

Because I am not picturing this as ‘trying again’. I’m seeing it as finishing the story.


And is that enough, for the fans?

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Where do we go from here? #omwf #amwriting

That’s the question that has been running rampant in my brain.

Where do we go from here?

Aside from being the stunning finale to Once More With Feeling, what more can I do to push, promote, and populate the fields that The Spark That Left Us inhabits?

What do the readers want? What do the readers need? Who are the readers?

Do you want more information? Do you want more back story? Is there a character you love? A character you hate – does something irk you?

I feel almost desperate for feedback sometimes, and sometimes I am afraid of it.

Challenge me as an author – I am here for you.



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2014 – onward and outward

This year has been a rip tide. A roller coaster. Whatever adventure term you want to give it, it has been.

The book was six months old in October when I finished the first draft. That’s the first thing people ask, once they get over their utter disbelief that you, yes you, wrote a book. How long did it take?

Forever, is my answer, as the calendar must be lying.

And are we ever truly done? Maybe. Do I want to sit down and go through (another, oh GOD please no) edit?


Does it need it? Probably. And the probably is the answer of the day.

As soon as you work a probably in there, the opportunities are endless. Seize them, will you?

2015 is the year. I can feel it. 2015 will be the answer, and hopefully, the release of The Sparks That Left Us.




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I had nightmares of lightning. Brilliant flashes, hot acidic skin-tingling in the night. It wasn’t the dark, the sweltering blackness that absorbs the senses, stopping your heart in that moment you felt you were never truly alone. No, it wasn’t the dark. It was the light, the contrast and the current that electrified,  the assault on your senses of too much, of decadence,  of the exquisite precision of nature.

The nightmares were of a light too bright for living.


— Sparks Unfolding

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This feels good. Really good.

Writing – check

Formatting – check

Print correctly, finally? – check

Now we just need the cover art updated, finished, and polished, and it’s off to the races, folks.

Here’s some pictures of the mock up (obviously published will be in an actual book shape… not a weird diamond.





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