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#summer nights – humid and cloying

Everyone has had one of those nights.

You’re out under the stars, all manner of night creatures peeping and buzzing and the air is thick and roiling.

It’s usually July.

Maybe August.

The grass prickles at your back.

You’re torn between wanting to run through the woods barefoot, or never getting off the ground until dawn.

So torn, you can feel an ache down the center of your rib cage, begging you to make a choice before you’re ripped apart.

Maybe there’s lightning bugs, flickering in the grass, tiny fairy lights, beckoning – come find us.

This part of the sequel to The Spark That Left Us – is an ode to those nights.





Somewhere in South Dakota, we’d parked for the night, exhaustion finally numbing us to a halt around one in the morning, I’d listened, half-awake to the sound of bullfrogs in the swampy area near the highway.

“Are you asleep?”

The words came muttered from the backseat, quiet in the dark, a question thrown half hoping to be ignored.

I twisted under my jacket in the passenger seat from where I’d been facing the cooler breeze coming through the open window, towards the sound of his voice. The breeze kept the smothering in my throat at bay, the taste I couldn’t wash from my mouth.

Fresh air was the only thing keeping me from screaming.

He was nothing more than a shadow against the white leather, my eyes adjusted to the waning moon and the starlight enough to see his outstretched hand, the cast that bound his shattered arm a dull white against his jeans. I was still vaguely bewildered by the absence of the silver pupils, of the wolfish glow to his eyes I’d become accustomed to.

The damp had left his fingertips cold where they gently sat in my palm, resting our hands and his broken arm on his bent knee.

“It’s strange,”


Deke swallowed, hard, took a deep breath. I felt him shift, brushing the hair from his forehead.

“This darkness. Not being able to see. I’m still not used to being blinded by the night,”

I squeezed his fingers. I could only understand so far. I didn’t know what it meant for him, to be normal once again. Maybe he hated it, maybe it hurt him to feel human again.

I had half dozed off once more, his thumb stroking the back of my hand, listening to the peepers that punctuated the silence between the croaking of the larger bullfrogs. Pure exhaustion was the only cure for the bruises and battered nerve ends, the only thing that would let me sleep.


His voice came from close to my ear, and I turned my face toward where he’d sat up, forehead resting on the back of my seat.

Deke cleared his throat,

“Will you do me a favor?”

A coyote howled, far off in the hills, others taking up the plaintive calls with answering yips.

They were hunting something, a rabbit maybe.

I said a prayer for the rabbit.

I ran a hand through his hair, pulled his forehead to mine,


“If I ever go back to that. That thing. Whatever I was, please, just. Just,”

A shaky exhale.

A beat passed by, two, and three.

“You won’t,”

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#mystery chapter

Mateo watched the trio head towards the van where he sat, impressing the images of them into his mind. Since the moment they’d gotten on the plane, he’d felt sick. Anxious, stomach writhing within his body. As much confidence as he tried to portray, as strong as he tried to be for them, there was so much he couldn’t see. Too much he didn’t know.

Everything felt like a failure.

Deke, too bony, too haunted, dark circles under his eyes and electricity crawling under his skin, carrying both of their bags crisscrossed over his shoulders, fingers entwined with hers.

Addy, exhaustion scrawled across her face, a dip to her shoulders that had never straightened after that night in Purissima, the weight of Reggie’s sacrifice pushing down on her every damned moment.

And Rick, that poor boy. He should have done more to get him out of this life. How could he call himself a mentor, a teacher, when all he’d ever done was expose him to the worst in the world? And yet he still smiled, cavorted. He still made sure everyone around him never had to feel the way he did.

Mateo squeezed his eyes shut tightly, against the glare of the brilliant halogen lights, against the memories of everything they’d lost.

When would it end?

The quiet in the van erupted into chaos as Deke hauled open the sliding door, Rick tossing his bag in the back before clambering into the front seat, clapping a hand onto Mateo’s shoulder in greeting. Addy still chatting away about the absurdity of the number of people awake, the sun barely coloring the edge of the horizon.

The sun would be rising soon.

As it always would.

But that didn’t help the fear in his heart.

None of them were eternal. The universe had no more need for them than the stars needed a grain of sand in the moonlight below.

The racket settled, Rick lounging in the seat, foot up against the dash, limbs loose.

His head swiveled toward Mateo, eyes wide,

“Dude, that’s deep and all, but I’m going to need you to think more positively,”

Rick winked.

Mateo shook his head, and shifted the van into drive.

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If My Characters Were Actors Part 2 #writing

Hello all!


If you’ve been following along, you know that I’m deeply into the sequel for The Spark That Left Us, tentatively named “Sparks Ignite” and I thought I’d play another round of If My Characters Were Actors.

Now with Round 1, the book was already out (at least in ebook format) so at least some of you had some groundwork. I thought I’d go out on a limb, and throw this one at you for speculation. Who are these people? What do they do? What role do they play? Are they good? Evil? Other?


But here they are, as follows!


aaron abrams - felix

Aaron Abrams – the mysterious Felix – is he here to help? Harm? Is he human?


deborah ann woll - evelyn

Deborah Ann Woll – the angry ex-Tender Evelyn – what is her problem anyway?

georgie henley - delilah

Now these two are a toss up. Above, we have Georgie Henley (Of Lion/Witch/Wardrobe fame) and below we have Ryan Newman – a toss up for the newest member of the group, Delilah – delicate but deadly

ryan newman - delilah

So what do you think? Sound off in the comments – let’s hear your speculations!

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#facts and #figures. #writing for a crowd

Here here!


Looking for those who have read The Spark That Left Us.

Looking to compile a list of questions left unanswered, the memories incomplete, the stories left uncovered.

Many of you have asked for more about Levina, and the absence of Addy and Clara’s father.

Your questions will be answered (hopefully) in Sparks Ignite (working title).

Anything else I can help you with?


You help me be better.


until then…



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#warning while #writing

I think this is my new favorite Word error.




Are you ready for this sequel or what?

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#launch is happening RIGHT NOW #getonit

Paperback is here! Paperback is here!

After a year of hard work, tears, struggles, cold days at photo shoots, long days at computers, and more coffee that I can imagine…

We’ve finally done it.

It’s here!

And what a strange feeling it is. To be done, but knowing you’re never really done.

I hope people like it. If it speaks to even one person, that the enjoy it as much as they can, it’ll be enough for me.

And if 99% of everyone else hates it, well, what are you gonna do?


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The Business of #proofs, and #photography

So who knew printing would be darker than screen images?

Everyone. The answer is everyone. But oh well, live and learn, right?

But, turns out, we prefer the adjustment!

The light gives it more depth, and makes the character of Deke more striking. All in favor? Say aye!


Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00011]

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This is #happening (hella #art, #photography)

The team has finally come together, and made final decisions regarding the cover art, back and front, and all around. All original images by the wonderful photographer, R.Iwaskiw.

The proofs are on order, and should be delivered by the 1 year anniversary (or should I say birthday?) of The Spark That Left Us.

Your very own paperback should be available shortly after that.

It’s been a whirlwind, and I will admit, the clicking of the final submission of the book process was emotional.

Who knew that it would be so hard, to finally let go, to say, yes, you, be free?

Check out our final artwork here, and give R.Iwaskiw some love, won’t you?

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00011]


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#amwriting #writing #what

So apparently, my brain has decided already that a sequel is in order.

I didn’t ask for it, but it won’t go away.

I’m certainly not ready for a sequel, and I’m certain the reading audience is not ready for a sequel.

But here it is, 2500 words later, and I am flailing against it.

If The Spark That Left Us had been a raging success, maybe I would be all for this.

Because I am not picturing this as ‘trying again’. I’m seeing it as finishing the story.


And is that enough, for the fans?

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If you had to…

What would be your first choice for a cross-country road trip?


An RV?

A motorcycle?

A Mini?

A Hummer?

We all know Deke’s first choice…






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