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#spoiler alert

 “I met Addy about four days later. It hadn’t really sunk in yet. I hadn’t even realized what I’d done. Levina had showed up, so quickly. Put me to rights. And then I was saved in other ways, by Addy, by the marks, by the bunch of you. And I had hope again. Briefly. It wasn’t until after, standing on that hill, staring at the place where I had died, that I realized if I’d succeeded the first time, nothing could have ever been right again. Horrible, terrible things had happened to me, I’d broken in every way that mattered, and yet, the people in my life did everything in their power to give me that chance to breathe again. And nothing will ever take that feeling, that love, away from me,”

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Launch went fantastically! #ebook

Thank you, everyone who made the launch a success!

I am proud of the initial sales, I am proud of the growth in fan base.

Without you guys, this would go no where, so thank you, thank you again!

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If you had to…

What would be your first choice for a cross-country road trip?


An RV?

A motorcycle?

A Mini?

A Hummer?

We all know Deke’s first choice…






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Here it is!

So glad to be part of this process.


DSC_1336055 6 x9 B and W KYLE TITLE(1)

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This is why I didn’t go creative

I went to school for advertising. It was awesome.

I was terrible at execution of creative ideas.

Lots of ideas.

Terrible in execution.

This is why I work with numbers.

The following were not to be seen by the public eye, but you know what? I feel like sharing with you, my honest readers.

ad ad6

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