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If you had to…

What would be your first choice for a cross-country road trip?


An RV?

A motorcycle?

A Mini?

A Hummer?

We all know Deke’s first choice…






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Ready, Set



No silly, book isn’t done yet, but, The Spark That Left Us is now on Facebook!

Join the discussion.

Ask questions.

Submit photos of the one person you would do anything for. Maybe it’s a girlfriend. A sibling. A parent. Maybe it’s even your dog.

All of this – here

Are you ready to lose your spark?

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Don’t mind me, just linking up all my possible promotion platforms… things are coming to a boil!

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2014 – onward and outward

This year has been a rip tide. A roller coaster. Whatever adventure term you want to give it, it has been.

The book was six months old in October when I finished the first draft. That’s the first thing people ask, once they get over their utter disbelief that you, yes you, wrote a book. How long did it take?

Forever, is my answer, as the calendar must be lying.

And are we ever truly done? Maybe. Do I want to sit down and go through (another, oh GOD please no) edit?


Does it need it? Probably. And the probably is the answer of the day.

As soon as you work a probably in there, the opportunities are endless. Seize them, will you?

2015 is the year. I can feel it. 2015 will be the answer, and hopefully, the release of The Sparks That Left Us.




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Back to Basics

Writing a description for the back of the book is incredibly hard!


How do you consolidate your work into a few short paragraphs?


How do you get the point across, pique the interest, and engage the reader before they’ve even given you a go?


How about this:


She didn’t know, upon waking, that her world had changed, that the stranger in her house wasn’t just introducing her to a world unknown.
He was introducing her to her own truths.

He didn’t know, when he followed her sister home and climbed into their window, that the woman in the house wasn’t just important.
She was the key to saving his life.

Together, they embark on an adventure that tests the
bonds of family, friendship, truth and death.
And the distance we are willing to go for love.



Feedback please!

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From writing one of the final chapters of the book, I’ve come upon the realization that the answer “Always” is one of the most important, romantic, loving, desirable answers to questions of the heart. It inspires timelessness, dedication, strength, stability, security.

“Do you love me?”


“Do you need me?”


“How long have you known?”


Regardless of the question, “always” is the perfect answer.




The single word

The single word that means everything

The single word that means enough

The single word that means I will do anything

The single word that means I will go anywhere

The single word that means no matter what

The single word that gives love

Takes love

Accepts you for everything you are

Everything you’ll ever be

The single word


I will always

I am always

I have always

You will always

You are always

You have always

Always be

Always remember

Always take

The single word



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The Inspiration

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