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#facts and #figures. #writing for a crowd

Here here!


Looking for those who have read The Spark That Left Us.

Looking to compile a list of questions left unanswered, the memories incomplete, the stories left uncovered.

Many of you have asked for more about Levina, and the absence of Addy and Clara’s father.

Your questions will be answered (hopefully) in Sparks Ignite (working title).

Anything else I can help you with?


You help me be better.


until then…



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#warning while #writing

I think this is my new favorite Word error.




Are you ready for this sequel or what?

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#launch is happening RIGHT NOW #getonit

Paperback is here! Paperback is here!

After a year of hard work, tears, struggles, cold days at photo shoots, long days at computers, and more coffee that I can imagine…

We’ve finally done it.

It’s here!

And what a strange feeling it is. To be done, but knowing you’re never really done.

I hope people like it. If it speaks to even one person, that the enjoy it as much as they can, it’ll be enough for me.

And if 99% of everyone else hates it, well, what are you gonna do?


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#paperback excitement #mindblown

I’ve never been so excited for a mail delivery before. I’m more excited than Christmas, more excited than my birthday.

I just want to run across the country and find it and rip open the wrapping and hold it in my hands.

I feel like this is a microscopic portion of what a parent feels like before meeting their child for the first time.

I can’t, can’t, wait.

This is the beginning, this is the end, this is infinite. Yeah, sure, it will probably get lost to the ages, buried under the millions of other books published every year, but maybe to just one person, besides myself, it will be special. It will connect. Someone will relate, in whatever strange way, and they will believe.

I can only hope, and in the mean time, I can only wait.



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This is #happening (hella #art, #photography)

The team has finally come together, and made final decisions regarding the cover art, back and front, and all around. All original images by the wonderful photographer, R.Iwaskiw.

The proofs are on order, and should be delivered by the 1 year anniversary (or should I say birthday?) of The Spark That Left Us.

Your very own paperback should be available shortly after that.

It’s been a whirlwind, and I will admit, the clicking of the final submission of the book process was emotional.

Who knew that it would be so hard, to finally let go, to say, yes, you, be free?

Check out our final artwork here, and give R.Iwaskiw some love, won’t you?

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00011]


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