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#Cover Sourcing #writerslife New Blog Post!

One of my favourite parts of putting together a book project is sourcing locations for the cover art, and promo images.

It combines my love of research, my love of Google Maps, and my passion for road trips. What could be better than piling into a car, coffee in hand, camera in bag, and best friend in tow?

The difficulty I had with this book, is that the environment of the region I live in isn’t great for my vision. I don’t live near an ocean. I live on the wrong side of the Great Lakes. The crags and the cliffs and the waves are on the westerly side of the Lakes, which unfortunately is in Northern Michigan. Not unfortunate because it is Michigan, but unfortunate because it’s several hours drive away.

So I have scouted a couple of locations that go in a circuit that will hopefully fulfill my hopes and dreams. Who knows?

The trend so far has been that art has approached me in the most unexpected ways, so I will leave my heart and mind open to possibilities and opportunities, and trust in the vision of my photographer.


Until then, loyal readers.



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#Art and its appreciation, #photography is not my specialty!

Buckle up, it’s time for a little cross-promoting over here!


You’ll remember, way back when, when we posted photos of behind the scenes of the cover art photo shoot. It was good times! It was around this time of year, it was freezing cold, it was snowing (check it out, here). And it was an amazing experience.

All those involved, my brother, and the photographer, had a pretty crazy time of it too, and it set into motion  a whole lotta something.

And that whole lotta something has accumulated and compacted and rolled together until finally, it has popped out this bit o’wonderful,




That’s right! The photographer behind the stunningly charismatic cover of The Spark That Left Us (oh, and you know, the upcoming sequel, which we’ll eventually be pushing through shots for you to view – when I get over my writer’s block 😉 ) has launched her website, and will be adding images to her catalog as she goes – so it’s ALWAYS worth another check back. Maybe you’ll fall in love with something too?


  • K.



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The Business of #proofs, and #photography

So who knew printing would be darker than screen images?

Everyone. The answer is everyone. But oh well, live and learn, right?

But, turns out, we prefer the adjustment!

The light gives it more depth, and makes the character of Deke more striking. All in favor? Say aye!


Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00011]

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Behind the Scenes – capturing a cover

It was cold. So very, very cold. It was snowing for God’s sakes. But I think it inspired us to work fast, work efficiently, and to keep the process moving. I was pleased with the raw results – we’ll see how it turns out in the end 🙂




So very cold – getting the camera set up, making sure the settings are right, freaking out because it started snowing.


My brother (the model) promised he would make this face in every picture – since we’d be taking pictures of his back for most of the photos.



2014-11-09 15.39.26


Burned out ruins of a factory – you can’t see him, but one of the photographers is actually creepily standing in this shot.





2014-11-09 15.40.56

Really liking this shot, these are all from my phone so not the actuals, but I think it blends well with the cover choices.


Goofy face, as promised. Principle photographer was on the other side of the wall.


We came across this car in our last travels, and the ‘model’ fell in love.


No matter where I stood, I was always in the way! But it was great seeing everyone in action.


All in all, a wonderful day!

Can’t wait to go through the raw files and find the perfect photo for the book!

Everything is getting frighteningly closer…

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