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#title vote

Sometimes coming up with the title helps me think, focus, and refine.

My problem though, comes from my need for symmetry.

I’d love to name the sequel to The Spark That Left Us in a similar format – but unfortunately, unless I am trying to translate a horribly grammatically incorrect phrase, it is giving me issues with balancing. Options are:


The Scar That Binds Us


The Scars That Bind Us


I am leaning towards the second one personally, as it is far more open ended.

What do you say, kind readers? I’ll allow suggestions as well 🙂



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If My Characters Were Actors Part 2 #writing

Hello all!


If you’ve been following along, you know that I’m deeply into the sequel for The Spark That Left Us, tentatively named “Sparks Ignite” and I thought I’d play another round of If My Characters Were Actors.

Now with Round 1, the book was already out (at least in ebook format) so at least some of you had some groundwork. I thought I’d go out on a limb, and throw this one at you for speculation. Who are these people? What do they do? What role do they play? Are they good? Evil? Other?


But here they are, as follows!


aaron abrams - felix

Aaron Abrams – the mysterious Felix – is he here to help? Harm? Is he human?


deborah ann woll - evelyn

Deborah Ann Woll – the angry ex-Tender Evelyn – what is her problem anyway?

georgie henley - delilah

Now these two are a toss up. Above, we have Georgie Henley (Of Lion/Witch/Wardrobe fame) and below we have Ryan Newman – a toss up for the newest member of the group, Delilah – delicate but deadly

ryan newman - delilah

So what do you think? Sound off in the comments – let’s hear your speculations!

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#warning while #writing

I think this is my new favorite Word error.




Are you ready for this sequel or what?

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