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Just received a lovely phone call from the people down at First Choice Books, to get an update for a quote for the book. Tres exciting!


I am pleased so far with their prompt responses and the kindness they put into it, as I can only imagine, a lot of people are nervous about putting their work into others hands, and it is wonderful that they keep the personal touch!


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Here it is!

So glad to be part of this process.


DSC_1336055 6 x9 B and W KYLE TITLE(1)

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Ready, Set



No silly, book isn’t done yet, but, The Spark That Left Us is now on Facebook!

Join the discussion.

Ask questions.

Submit photos of the one person you would do anything for. Maybe it’s a girlfriend. A sibling. A parent. Maybe it’s even your dog.

All of this – here

Are you ready to lose your spark?

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I had nightmares of lightning. Brilliant flashes, hot acidic skin-tingling in the night. It wasn’t the dark, the sweltering blackness that absorbs the senses, stopping your heart in that moment you felt you were never truly alone. No, it wasn’t the dark. It was the light, the contrast and the current that electrified,  the assault on your senses of too much, of decadence,  of the exquisite precision of nature.

The nightmares were of a light too bright for living.


— Sparks Unfolding

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