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It’s amazing how writing can surprise you.

I mean, it’s coming from your own brain. Your own thoughts, inside your own head, and yet, out of nowhere, your creative juices will suddenly shout,


And you sit there, thinking to yourself, no way.


Of course – then ensues the eternal struggle with the answer to the question “is this actually cool, or am I a spaz who needs to stop writing?”

Does self doubt win the day, or do you let that plot twist shine?

How complex does it make all other points in the story?

Is there any small fact or figure or date or action that now makes no sense?

Does it connect the dots?

I am pleased, currently, with the twist. But then again, anything that brings heartache and strife to my story is always welcomed – maybe not by my readers… but generally.

I take joy in it.

Probably shouldn’t.

You’ll let me know though, honest readers?

I can’t wait for you to come back, and find this post, perhaps cross-reference the dates – and shake your fist.



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#facts and #figures. #writing for a crowd

Here here!


Looking for those who have read The Spark That Left Us.

Looking to compile a list of questions left unanswered, the memories incomplete, the stories left uncovered.

Many of you have asked for more about Levina, and the absence of Addy and Clara’s father.

Your questions will be answered (hopefully) in Sparks Ignite (working title).

Anything else I can help you with?


You help me be better.


until then…



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Back to Basics

Writing a description for the back of the book is incredibly hard!


How do you consolidate your work into a few short paragraphs?


How do you get the point across, pique the interest, and engage the reader before they’ve even given you a go?


How about this:


She didn’t know, upon waking, that her world had changed, that the stranger in her house wasn’t just introducing her to a world unknown.
He was introducing her to her own truths.

He didn’t know, when he followed her sister home and climbed into their window, that the woman in the house wasn’t just important.
She was the key to saving his life.

Together, they embark on an adventure that tests the
bonds of family, friendship, truth and death.
And the distance we are willing to go for love.



Feedback please!

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