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When #actors do the thing. #writing

Deke Masterson is near and dear to my heart. And if you are a lover of The Spark That Left Us, he’s probably pretty dear to you too. He’s been described by readers as “ruthless” but “soon to be likeable” which if there is any sort of indication for character development, I assume that would be it.

But sometimes you just find that one real person that embodies a character so much, that you aren’t quite sure how it happened.

I thank the universe for the music video for “The Words” by Christina Perri, because it gives me behind the scenes shots of a man who embodies Deke to the point where they’ve now become one and the same in my mind.

I can’t help but see these shots, and remember their trek through Colorado. I can’t help but see the stolen truck. They never intended it, and yet it thrills me.

Inspiration comes in many disguises.

Thank you Christina Perri and Colin O’Donaghue, for becoming Adeline and Deke, if only in my head, and if only for a moment.


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Launch went fantastically! #ebook

Thank you, everyone who made the launch a success!

I am proud of the initial sales, I am proud of the growth in fan base.

Without you guys, this would go no where, so thank you, thank you again!

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confirmed! #ebook

Release date has been officially confirmed as 02.08.15 – one week from today for the ebook debut.


Check out the Purchase Information page for the link to become live!



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Ready, Set



No silly, book isn’t done yet, but, The Spark That Left Us is now on Facebook!

Join the discussion.

Ask questions.

Submit photos of the one person you would do anything for. Maybe it’s a girlfriend. A sibling. A parent. Maybe it’s even your dog.

All of this – here

Are you ready to lose your spark?

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This is why I didn’t go creative

I went to school for advertising. It was awesome.

I was terrible at execution of creative ideas.

Lots of ideas.

Terrible in execution.

This is why I work with numbers.

The following were not to be seen by the public eye, but you know what? I feel like sharing with you, my honest readers.

ad ad6

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This week has been an interesting week for progress.

The newly edited (for the 80th millionth time) has been uploaded to Amazon.

The bank information was updated for the account.

The price was set up for the book.

Literally, one mouse click is all that stands between me and releasing my child into the world, telling it to be good, and carefully standing with the door open, watching its back as it leaves me forever.

How do writers do this on the regular?

I feel appropriately terrified. But it’s the acknowledgement of utter failure.

Where do I go from here?

The Spark That Left Us has been such a large portion of my life, and I can’t seem to think of a life without it.

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Don’t mind me, just linking up all my possible promotion platforms… things are coming to a boil!

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2014 – onward and outward

This year has been a rip tide. A roller coaster. Whatever adventure term you want to give it, it has been.

The book was six months old in October when I finished the first draft. That’s the first thing people ask, once they get over their utter disbelief that you, yes you, wrote a book. How long did it take?

Forever, is my answer, as the calendar must be lying.

And are we ever truly done? Maybe. Do I want to sit down and go through (another, oh GOD please no) edit?


Does it need it? Probably. And the probably is the answer of the day.

As soon as you work a probably in there, the opportunities are endless. Seize them, will you?

2015 is the year. I can feel it. 2015 will be the answer, and hopefully, the release of The Sparks That Left Us.




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I had nightmares of lightning. Brilliant flashes, hot acidic skin-tingling in the night. It wasn’t the dark, the sweltering blackness that absorbs the senses, stopping your heart in that moment you felt you were never truly alone. No, it wasn’t the dark. It was the light, the contrast and the current that electrified,  the assault on your senses of too much, of decadence,  of the exquisite precision of nature.

The nightmares were of a light too bright for living.


— Sparks Unfolding

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Pre-publishing Reviews – the First!

How could you do that to them?? What were you thinking? Such a fantastic twist I honestly didn’t see that coming.
The plot was written very smoothly, it keeps you engaged all the way through. The ending held your attention – that you needed to finish the book right then and there. I couldn’t put it down!

– December 3, 2014 “R.I”


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